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Who was Jane Austen?

"Hi! I’m a member of the Puget Sound Region because I was supposed to move there in 2020, but covid-19 cancelled my plans and I’ve remained in Austin, Texas. I’ve been at a few virtual events and I’m disappointed that I don’t get to meet you all in person!

I’m currently an English student and I’m aspiring to apply to PhD programs in the fall, so I started a summer research project to document and analyze what Janeites think Jane Austen was like (non-janeites are welcome too)! I really need more data to make the project a success.

"My site:

Thank you so much for your time!

Emily Christ"

Julie Buck here - Regional Co-Coordinator (with Agnes Gawne.) I found the survey fun, and Emily is building the results into a blog, which I can't wait to read. I'm sure there will be insights there that I've never thought of.

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