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Join us for a Zoom meeting on

Sunday, February 12th, 2 pm Pacific Time

We will see a JASNA AGM Video from the Virtual AGM held in 2020.  After the presentation we'll discuss this fascinating topic!

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"Well Behaved Women Seldom Make History"

 Jane Austen, Women Historians, and Histories of Women

Professor Caitlin Kelly, Case Western Reserve University, and

Professor Misty Krueger, University of Maine at Farmington


Women have long recorded history, but in Austen’s time, spurred on by the many revolutions across the Atlantic world, women began to claim the title of “historian” as their own. This session will explain how this happened and why it matters for reading Austen’s work. The work of women historians provides an important context for understanding Austen’s forays into writing history, notably her History of England and how she characterized historical women in her parody. This session also interrogates the category of history by looking at examples from the juvenilia that provide “histories” of girls behaving badly.  

Professors Caitlin Kelly and Misty Krueger will take us back to Jane Austen's time to see how women were claiming the role of historian.  

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All Janeites are welcome to join us for what we expect to be a stimulating event and a lively discussion.  All times listed are in Pacific Standard Time.  Use this "Time Zone Calculator" below to see what time the meeting is in your area.  Our regular start time is 2 pm PST, which is equivalent to 5 pm EST.

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