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Updated: May 14, 2023

It says here that we are invited to a Regency House Party! I wonder when, what, how..... ?

We are so pleased to say that we are, indeed, having a party! And yes, you are invited! We've been getting lots of questions. What time? Can I get a gluten-free meal? What if I only want to come to the ball? When do I have to register by? We have the answers to all your questions. If we've forgotten one, please send us a note at All of this information will be sent to people who have registered about a week beforehand.

When and where is it being held? Saturday, June 10th, 2023. Doors open at 12:30 and the program begins at 1 pm. The Women's University Club (WUC) in downtown Seattle: 1105 Sixth Avenue, Seattle, WA 98101

Where can I park? The Hilton Hotel parking garage has good rates, and is just one block north of the WUC. Enter the parking structure off 6th Avenue, which is one-way, heading north. Registrants will receive more detailed parking instructions prior to the event.

Can I sign up on the day and pay for my ticket then? No - The registration deadline is May 31st.

What is the price? Members (of JASNA, Washington Regency Society, Somewhere in Time Unlimited and English Country Dance) will pay $65.00 for the full day, including banquet and ball. If someone wishes to come for just the ball, the members price is $25.00 Non-members will pay $95.00 for the full day and $35.00 if they want the ball only.

This event has been heavily subsidized to make it available to most of our members. JASNA is sponsoring the talk from President Mary Mintz, two local members are underwriting the cost of renting the Women's University Club, our friends from Washington Regency Society are creating a fashion show at no cost to us, games and other entertainments will be handled by our members for no fee, and our JASNA Puget Sound Region is underwriting some of the remaining costs. All of this is to ensure that our first big party after the pandemic will be elegant as well as affordable for our members.

Will lunch be served? No - there will be light refreshments in mid-afternoon and dinner will be served at 5:30 pm

What about Covid precautions? The government has stopped requiring people to wear masks or prove that they have been vaccinated. That doesn't mean that people should stop being careful. We care very much about your continued good health. We do not require masks, however, we think it's a very good idea to wear one while dancing. Heavy breathing due to the exercise of dancing can spread germs farther than if we are doing any less strenuous kind of activity. We trust you to be mindful of not only your own health, but those around you.

The WUC building is an historic site, though just on the exterior. That means, however, that no changes can be made to the appearance, including the addition of any kind of ductwork even on the back of the building. Because of that, no big improvements can be made regarding air exchange or central air conditioning. However, the dining room is not part of the original building and therefore, the air exchange equipment for the kitchen and dining room are state-of-the-art. The club stepped up the cleaning service to include Covid precautions, and they continue still. The staff are required to be vaccinated, including all boosters and it is our fervent hope that all attendees will have been as well. Many of our members are older, and so Covid is still something to be guarded against. Please wear a mask while dancing.

What does the full day entail?

12:30 pm: Doors open

1:00 pm: Mary Mintz, President of the Jane Austen Society of North America, will speak on "Jane Austen's Reputation: Highlights of Her First Century in America's Periodicals" 2:15 pm: Fashion Parade à la Mode

3:00 pm: Card playing and Games of Chance

4:30 pm: No-host bar - Gold Room Signature Drink: The Emma! A rose-hued champagne cocktail

Retire to dress for the evening or relax in the drawing room

5:30 pm: Banquet - Dining Room

7:00 to 10pm - Ball with experienced caller, Laura Mé, accompanied by Musicians of the Highest Reputation.

What will be served at the banquet?

White Grape Gazpacho (V, G-F)

Chicken Chèvre - chicken breast stuffed with goat cheese, sundried tomato and

wild mushrooms, served with a pesto cream sauce, and a wild rice pilaf with seasonal vegetables. (G-F)

Pavlova with Lemon Curd and Summer Berries (V, G-F) (has whipped cream and eggs)

I have dietary restrictions/allergies. Can they be accommodated? Yes - if you have allergies, please let us know so we can make sure your meal will be adjusted accordingly. If you require a Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten-Free or Dairy-Free meal, please let us know and you will be served the following menu:

White Grape Gazpacho (Ve, V, G-F, D-F)

Mushroom Risotto - Chanterelles and portobello mushrooms, roasted butternut squash, parsnips, and fresh herbs (Ve, V, G-F, D-F)

Chocolate crusted vegan cheesecake with raspberry swirl (Ve, V, G-F, D-F)

Please let us know if you wish to order the Vegan meal choice. Contact us at

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