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"Places are secured at Taproot Theatre..."

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

Last chance to join a group to attend "The Wickhams - Christmas at Pemberley" at Taproot Theatre on Wednesday, November 30th at 7pm. There will be a bonus - after the play, the actors will come back onstage and speak with the audience about the play, and the experience of renewing characters first created over 200 years ago! This is definitely an opportunity to wear your Regency finery, but if you don't "do costumes" don't worry - Regency attire is admired but not required for any of our activities. Theatre information below. The performance is at 7 pm, and we need 8 people to secure the group discount. If you've been thinking about this, don't hesitate. Email us at to join in.

Taproot Theatre presents The Wickhams: Christmas at Pemberley!

Don't miss this chance to gather at the performance on Wednesday, November 30th, 2022, 7pm. We have been offered a group rate if we have 8 or more people signed up. If you've been waiting for an opportunity to wear your Regency finery to gather with your like-minded friends, this is it! As always, Regency dress is admired but not required. We chose the November 30th date in the hopes that it comes at a time when your holiday calendar is not already overcrowded. We wanted a Wednesday, because each Wednesday they have what they call a "talk back" session. After the play is over, the cast comes back onstage, out of costume and the actors and director answer questions from the audience.

Taproot Theatre has undergone many changes during the pandemic including structural changes that increase the intake of outside air, upgraded air filters to MERV-13, and added UV air-purifiers to the HVAC system.

Proof of Vaccination is no longer required, but you will not be admitted without a mask. Read about Taproot's accommodations for Covid here!

The group rate at Taproot is 20% off per ticket for a block of 8 tickets. The larger the group, the larger the percentage off. Most tickets are around $25.00 to $30.00, so this is a very affordable night out.

Taproot is holding a block of tickets for us for the Wednesday, November 30th performance. If you would like to join us, please contact us at

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