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Birthday Party!

Updated: Nov 13, 2022

Here we are again - ready to celebrate our Jane's Birthday! It has been too long, we've had to wait what seems forever, and had some false starts. But we are ready to gather together again! Our recent survey says that you are ready to come back to in-person meetings, and we will start with the birthday celebration! We've moved this one from the second Sunday to the third Sunday in December - that way we are much closer to the birthdate of our wonderful Miss Austen.

Sunday, December 18th will find us at Magnolia Lutheran Church in the Fireside Room. For our program, we will hear from several members who attended the AGM in Victoria, as they share their experiences there. Our tea and social time will be back, with commercially prepared food, and tea hostesses. We will not be checking for proof of vaccinations, though we hope that you will all have protected yourselves that way, and mask wearing is optional. We want every single member to be well, so if you have a cold, or flu-like symptoms, please stay home and take care of yourself.

We hope this news is as welcome to you, as it is to those of us who have been planning our time together. For those who have been enjoying themselves with Zoom presentations, we will continue to have at least one meeting per year (February) on Zoom, to which we will invite one and all. I see more online diversions in our future, for once we opened up that box of possibilities to commune from afar, how can we put it away again?

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