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We have been waiting on tenterhooks until we could get ready to register for the AGM in Victoria, BC in Canada. But the time has come - we've just received this information from the national JASNA organization. I'll be heading over to mark up my "AGM plan" soon. Join me, won't you? We want to be ready for the opening of Registration on June 15th!

Now is the time. Victoria is the place. This year’s AGM will be amazing!

As the weather turns warm, are you longing for a vacation? The 2022 JASNA AGM will satisfy that longing, combining the pleasures of our annual conference with the attractions of a world-class vacation destination.

Canadian members: this is your chance to attend an AGM in your country and to welcome members from the U.S., U.K., Mexico, and more. For non-Canadians in North America, an early autumn trip to Victoria, British Columbia, will offer the delight of visiting another country without the stress:

  • Crossing the border is easy—the long waits seen at European border control stations aren’t an issue in Canada. A passport (no visa) is required for U.S. and U.K. citizens, and travelers from many other nations can get a visa through an easy online process.

  • Travelers from the U.S. will enjoy an exchange rate that helps vacation budgets stretch further. The hotel prices on the AGM website are in Canadian dollars, currently .79 to the U.S. dollar.

  • Victoria’s climate is classified as “sub-Mediterranean,” with a rainy season in late fall. The early timing of our AGM means that you can expect delightfully cool temperatures and sunshine, perfect for being outdoors.

  • Victoria, located on Vancouver Island, offers a variety of natural and cultural attractions that are sure to provide what Jane Austen called “happy feelings of Escape,” wherever you’re from. Glorious coastal scenery, First Nations culture, the floral displays that make Victoria the “City of Gardens,” fascinating architecture, British influence evident in the many tearooms and pubs . . . it’s all there. Numerous independent shops are within easy reach, and dining choices make the most of the many international influences, with an emphasis on fresh and local food.

  • AGM tours make it easy to explore this fascinating region in congenial Janeite company.

AGM registration opens June 15. Please visit the Registration webpage for all the details, and watch your email for a link to the Registration Guide closer to that date. More AGM Companion registration spaces than usual have been made available to accommodate the many JASNA members who will want to bring family members or friends with them to enjoy Victoria.

All of the AGM events and activities are described on the conference website—and what a great variety there are! There are too many top-notch Plenary Speakers, Breakout Speakers, and Special Session speakers to list in this space, but here are just two to whet your appetite. Fashion historian Ivan Sayers will discuss the evolution of fashion during Austen’s lifetime and will show selected items from his collection in a ticketed talk. And Canadian author Uzma Jalaluddin, whose novel Ayesha at Last garnered praise and recognition well beyond Janeite readers, will be interviewed by Renata Dennis.

Complete information about the AGM program is available online now, and more tips on travel and the links for reserving hotel rooms will be added soon. (Hotel room blocks open for reservations on June 16.)

Attendees’ health and safety is our paramount concern, so we are closely monitoring government policies and being proactive to create a safe and comfortable environment, as we did for the 2021 AGM.

For members who can’t come to Victoria, JASNA will livestream core elements of the AGM program, as they happen, for a separate registration fee. Registration for the livestream option will begin June 29; watch for upcoming details. In addition, under the AGM cancellation and refund policy, registrants for the in-person conference who later find they can’t attend will be able to switch to the Livestream/Virtual option.

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