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Our Jane's Calendar



"Our Jane" has a very busy calendar.  It turns out that the pandemic has a silver lining!  It's not enough to be happy that we're all staying indoors, but it's a nice reward for staying home and staying safe.


RCs from all over North America are pointing out online opportunities for Austen - related virtual programming.  Suddenly, geography has nothing to do with what meetings, lectures, plays, etc. you can attend.  Many regions have put out the welcome mat and thrown open the doors.  So many, in fact, that it's nearly impossible to keep up.  I have something like 21 emails in my inbox right now, all letting me know about so many new programs.  I give up - and then, here to the rescue, comes help from a very busy region:


                                                               Julie Buck, RC  JASNA Puget Sound Region.


JASNA Oregon and SW Washington has encouraged one and all to check out the following as a place to find whatever is happening anywhere.

This letter is from the JASNA ORSWWA Co-RC, to whom we are indebted for their generosity.  And also for their forgiveness, as I had mistakenly entered this notice with the wrong information, which they have kindly helped me correct.


The first two websites will give you almost everything you need to know, but I'm offering some additional information on directly following specific JASNA regions and/or other organizations.

  • JASNA Event Calendar: This calendar includes events hosted by JASNA Regions (virtual and, eventually, in-person). FYI, this website relies on regions to submit their events to JASNA, which doesn't always happen, but it's absolutely worth a look!

  • JASNA NorCal Online Events Calendar: This calendar is a fantastic new resource! Although it's hosted by JASNA Northern California, it is not limited to NorCal events. It includes JASNA and non-JASNA events from all over! It's also very simple to use.

  • Specific JASNA Regions: If you're interested in a specific region's events:

    • I recommend that you get on their e-mail list by contacting their Regional Coordinator. RC e-mails are all listed on the JASNA Regional Groups page.

    • Most Regions also have Facebook pages that you can follow. 

  • Other organizations: There are some really excellent organizations providing regular events. I recommend that you get on their e-mail lists. and/or follow their Facebook pages. Following are some of their websites.