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The following individuals are the current office holders within the Puget Sound region of JASNA. Please feel free to contact them if you have any questions concerning the region.

Regional Coordinator
Agnes Gawne
Membership Secretary
Marian LaBeck
Program Coordinators
Catherine Crossman, Grace Farley, and Debbie Johnson
Newsletter Editor
Currently Vacant
James Nagle and Charlene Kern
Loveday Conquest
Publicity Coordinator
Julie Arnold
James Petts

The region offers two self-managed discussion mailing lists:

  • An informal list which allows you to share and receive emails about Jane Austen sightings, and region news and views. This list is designed to allow members to share sightings, news and chatter about Jane and the local region. You can subscribe, unsubscribe, and set delivery options (such as choosing to receive individual emails or a daily digest on this page.
  • A low-volume mailing list which is used to send out official regional news only. You can subscribe or unsubscribe from the announcement list on this page.

Agnes Gawne, our RC, published this update on May 25th, 2017.

At present the Region's newsletter is not being published, since we do not have an editor. Please see the following document for details of our communication plans.

You may access prior editions of the Members' Newsletter by clicking on the links below. Newsletters are in Adobe PDF format, with some older editions also available in Microsoft Word format. Older editions are stored as a yearly zip archive (ZIP) or Windows self-extracting archive (SEA). If you need to download the appropriate software you may do so by clicking on the links at the bottom.

February 2017
PDF (3.9MB)
December 2016
PDF (0.7MB)
October 2016
PDF (1.8MB)
August 2016
PDF (1.2MB)
June 2016
PDF (1.3MB)
April 2016
PDF (1.1MB)
February 2016
PDF (1.2MB)
Older Newsletters
2015 Archive
ZIP (7.9MB)
SEA (8.0MB)
2014 Archive
ZIP (30MB)
SEA (20MB)
2013 Archive
ZIP (34MB)
SEA (27MB)
2012 Archive
ZIP (10MB)
SEA (10MB)
2011 Archive
ZIP (147MB)
SEA (147MB)
2010 Archive
ZIP (28MB)
SEA (28MB)
2009 Archive
ZIP (889KB)
SEA (962KB)
2008 Archive
ZIP (1.2MB)
SEA (1.3MB)
2007 Archive
ZIP (1.2MB)
SEA (1.3MB)
2006 Archive
ZIP (1.4MB)
SEA (1.4MB)
2005 Archive
ZIP (1.3MB)
SEA (1.3MB)
2004 Archive
ZIP (1.8MB)
SEA (1.8MB)
2003 Archive
ZIP (4.0MB)
SEA (4.0MB)
1993-2002 Archive
ZIP (36.0MB)

Last update: 8th March 2019

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